The Sims Freeplay Cheats

The Sims Freeplay Cheats – Simoleons and Lifestyle Points Cheats 2019

The Sims FreePlay is a famous mobile title published and developed by EA for iOS and Android devices. It has plenty of interactive features along with impressive gameplay. There are millions of gamers who are playing it. And many of them are becoming the best one in it. If you want to go well and earn sufficient amount of resources to reach an apex, The Sims FreePlay guide will help in it. Even you can use The Sims FreePlay cheats and progress faster than usual. It can make things easier.

The Sims FreePlay Cheats

Simoleons and Lifestyle points

Two important currencies are there in this game, and you can easily collect a good amount. Simoleon is the primary currency which matters the most, and you can earn it easily. But, when it comes to lifestyle points, then you should be paying attention to it as it’s premium currency. Earning a sufficient amount matters a lot and if you can’t get the required amount then progression become typical, and you can face lots of issues lately.

How to earn LP?



There are various methods that can help you earn sufficient amount of LP and you can follow all. A cheat tool can help, but these are methods that are in the game which can help in many ways.

  • Gathering sims is the first thing. As much as sims you gather at home; now it’s the time to place haunted items around the house. When all the sims are searching for ghosts by tapping on such items, you will get LP.
  • Even if you are willing to earn Simoleons, then you can catch ghosts. It will let you earn a good amount of XP too. Due to these reasons, you can rely on such methods and get rid of all the issues with ease.
  • You can get the treasure on the hunt which can make things easier and reliable too. To earn more LP, you can try to relocate pets which can come handy, and the chances of earning a higher number of resources are higher.
  • In the 25 minutes of ghost hunting, you can easily get 5 to 10 LP with ease. It can make things easier, and due to this reason, such methods are quite helpful.

These are all the easy to follow methods, and you can rely on each one to be the best gamer. It can make things easier and be the best gamer is easy by following these. There are plenty of tasks available that can help with it and you can try out all.

Improving sims work

You should check out that when the sims are at work and when they are working with full potential. It will let you avail more resources easily. If you want to gain sufficient amount of resources then trying out such methods can help in various manners. It is quite a reliable option to go for.

On the other hand, you are new to this game then try to focus on the tutorial offered by the game. Most of the gamers don’t focus on it, and they skip all. It can make them struggle and get into numerous issues. To avoid these, plenty of tweaks are there to follow. Each one is quite a reliable option, and you can focus on each one.

Additional things to do

If you are cleaning all the mess in the room, then it will provide little more than usual. It is going to help you earn more resources, and it is definitely easy. The Sims FreePlay cheats is easy and helps you obtain more resources easily, read comments if you want to try. Earning currencies isn’t easy in the beginning, but you can follow the mentioned tool and progress faster than usual.

Purchasing the community center will let you go well and progress. It can provide enough XP to go on next level. It can help sims to have a hobby, and it is also good to hone skills that’s why it is must to try option. By sending a sim to competition center, laying a hand on more resources become easier, and it is a reliable option too.

To earn more XP and LP, driving is a good option. The more you drive, the more you earn XP. If you have nothing to do then start driving and obtaining more currencies but it seems like wastage of time. Well, you can get rid of all by using The Sims Freeplay cheats. Make sure to spend your resources wisely.

The Final Verdict

While playing this game and never to face an issue, try to go slow in the beginning because it will let you learn the key basics. It can come handy to learn the advanced aspects of this game.   Hope, this  The Sims FreePlay guide will eradicate all the issues.


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  3. Thank you so much sims free play hack, I love playing this game, it’s really addicting and exciting, the levels and characters are easy to manage. With a growing town of my own i can control and take risks I wouldn’t take as a human. Thank you for this hack, HOPING IT WORKS

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful help. I hope this works. It’s really hard to advance and play and keep the challenges going. I sure appreciate those who put effort into helping others. I use to play years ago, and picked it back up. Can’t believe it’s still addicting!!!

  5. I’m really hopin this link works, the lack of progress iv made since iv been playin goin around a month now is due to simoleons an lifestyle points so this would make the game a lot funner and easier to play so I’m really hopin this works out!

  6. This website works perfectly it really help me to gain simoleons. Sims freeplay is really addicting. Great time killer. Its like you imagining having a good life. Very addicting.

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  8. Hoping this link works. I want to grow my town and it’s hard to do without moolah. This game is addicting, but a great time killer .

  9. I’ve been playing The Sims since it was available as a game on the PC in disk form. I’d spend hours getting all wrapped up in playing this game. I need currency so that I can purchase new parts of town and update my home.

  10. I’ve been playing sims since it first came out. I love this game so much. I spend hours at a time playing it. I need currency so I can buy things for my town to grow my town

  11. Really hope this works!!! I have loved playing this game so far and I’m at level 40 but now I’ve fallen behind on quests and want to Simoleons and LP to expand my town! *update – it works perfectly!

  12. I can’t believe how helpful this has been I always struggle to keep life and simoloens so I thought I should try a cheat so I wouldn’t need to worry and this has helped me sooooooo much thank you star trans net I recommend this definitely

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  14. It’s a been long time since I played this game and now that I’m back in it I’ve remembered how addictive and fun it is. However I also remembered how annoying it is to wait for actions to complete. This is why I’m hoping this tool works. If it does I will be very grateful and thankful.

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